How Did You Score?

Based on your score, I've got a few suggestions to help you quickly boost your readiness for the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence. 

We were once new users too, so even though what I’m about to tell you applies to power users, it is explained with new users in mind.

You need TWO things:

You need a clear plan for leveraging AI in your business or role, and you need a clear set of steps to follow through on that plan.

Based on our experience, you'd really benefit from two particular tools that are specifically built to help you start the journey of AI Enablement for your company and yourself, through comprehensive AI training and AI classes.

This will give you a big picture view of where AI fits into your business and then the proven step-by-step process to get started.

STEP 1: The AI Strategy Template is an easy-to-fill-out worksheet that will give you your game plan… identifying low-hanging fruit you can start on today.

This is your first step towards earning an AI certificate that signifies your commitment and understanding of artificial intelligence.

STEP 2: The AI Implementation checklist is where the rubber meets the road… step by step the things you should do to get started implementing the strategy from Day 1.

This checklist complements our AI online course, guiding you through practical applications of your learning.

These tools cost us hundreds of hours to dial in, and you get to start from there, rather than trying to figure this out on your own.

This AI online training is designed to make these steps intuitive and effective, ensuring you’re not just prepared, but also certified and confident in AI application in any business.

On the next page, I’ll explain each of these tools and walk you through how to use them

30 min from now, these AI classes will have you ready to begin with confidence in your AI deployment efforts.

I can tell you that AI is NOT going away (but you already know this!).

And early adopters WILL have an immediate and long-range advantage on so many levels. 

As Peter Diamandis says: “by the end of this decade, there will be 2 types of companies (or employees)… those that are AI-enabled, or those that are extinct”

So look, take a half hour and invest in yourself and your future.

Enroll in our AI course today and become AI-enabled.

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