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    Your fast track to AI mastery, designed for immediate impact – fast learning, fast application, fast results - leaving you equipped with the insights and tools to make significant impacts in ANY businesses.

  • 1 Year IACAIO Certification: $1,200

    Certification and associate with a robust network of forward-thinking Chief AI Officers.

  • Business Prompt Library: $7,500

    A catalog of ready-made popular and proven prompts for any business use case.

  • AI Smartcuts Library: $399

    A database of AI implementation business use cases, with step-by-step instructions, custom prompts, and a video walkthrough.

  • Lifeline Calls: $ Priceless

    A direct connection to an expert who can help you solve AI implementation and strategy problems in moments of uncertainty.

  • Done-for-you Templates: $1,200

    Your curated selection of ready-made templates that will significantly expedite and streamline workflow, freeing more of your time for higher leverage activities

  • Community Access: $197

    Surround yourself with like-minded individuals, on the same journey as you, facing the same challenges, celebrating similar victories.

  • CAIO Marketing CRM: $2,964

    Customer Relationship Management account with pre-loaded email sequences, automation workflows for sending and following up on proposals, reporting, and much more.

  • Weekly Live Q&A Calls: $1,788

    Like having a team of top AI experts at your beck and call every week. This isn't just support; it's mentorship.

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    Early Access to ALL Software We Release

    Our development team is using the latest in “No Code” technology to build AI-powered tools that do most of the heavy lifting in your AI deployments.


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